Into The Black: A Story in the 'Verse

Chapter 6


Cast:  Tad Black, Grant Wu, Vernon Hays, Malachai Kane, Ron Pampero, Rudolph Polk, Brian Sheng, Chris Thatcher, Wyatt Hathcock, Charlie; Li Abrams, "Bar" Bartender, Driftwood Yardmaster

Date:  2518

Director(s):  Josh Grumble

After assisting Li with repairs to the Raven and taking stock of their situation, Kane receives a Wave from his old ally. A short time later, the crew hears and feels yet another jolt from the ship, but this time it isn't a cause for alarm. Apparently, a shuttle has docked…

Kane gathers the crew – including a still-groggy Thatcher – to introduce Wyatt Hathcock and to review current events. Li has been successful at locating the source of the strange signal that caused all the local spacetime problems:  the Blue Sun System. The fact that Lilac (a Moon of New Canaan) is in the same system doesn't go unnoticed. With a three-week ride at hard burn ahead of them, the crew settles in and gets to know each other and the ship just a bit more.

With Lilac in sight, Kane takes in their surroundings in Blue Sun and also attempts to further pinpoint the signal; the best he can do is finding it somewhere on or very near New Canaan. Having nothing else to go on, Kane sets the Raven down on Lilac in the settlement of Driftwood, which has grown significantly in the last few years. Once at the docks, Kane and Tad stay behind to negotiate the terms of their trade goods. The rest of the crew heads over to one of the local watering holes, curiously named "Bar":  Pampero, Thatcher, Sheng, Wu, and Hathcock pulls up seats and have a drink, while Polk and Vernon settle in for a few rounds of poker at the card tables.

A short time later, the sounds of conversation and glassware come to a pause as a young woman enters, her appearance and demeanor somewhat of a stark contrast to those around her. Tad isn't too far behind, noticing as she makes her way to the bar. He takes up a seat near the others at the same time Hathcock makes a well-timed and unnoticed exit. Curiously, Polk meets her gaze, and within a few moments excuses himself from the poker game with Vernon, much to the latter's surprise. Polk engages the woman in conversation, and she introducers herself as Charlie.

(More to come…)


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