Into The Black: A Story in the 'Verse

Chapter 8


Cast:  Malachai Kane, Grant Wu, Charlie May, Rudolph Polk, Brian Sheng, Chris Thatcher, Wyatt Hathcock; Tad Black, Blue Sun PsyOps team lead, Blue Sun research scientist

Date:  November 2518

Director(s):  Josh Grumble

The PsyOps team leader directs Hathcock, Black, and Wu to surrender and lay down arms. Wu attempts challenge this, making the case that their guy (pointing towards their Reader) needs medical attention. The PsyOps team's response is to double-down and once again the team lead yells to surrender. At this, Hathcock carefully lays his carbine rifles on the deck, and in one motion, tosses the bag of C4 he kept over his shoulder. The trio collectively fall back and drop low as the explosion finds it mark, taking out the entire PsyOps team and incapacitating the Reader.

(more to come…)


robotech_gm robotech_gm

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